William Reed values responsibility towards one another, our customers, the community and the environment.

We’ve defined the issues that are important to us and set out the steps that can bring those goals to life.


Charity support is important to our company and our employees, and our active support and close relationships with our community and local charities set us apart from other businesses.

Through the William Reed Charitable Fund, we provide financial support to social welfare projects in conjunction with charities and community groups based in Sussex and the surrounding areas. We work in partnership with the Sussex Community Foundation who meet with a committee of employees once a quarter. They help us to choose suitable projects and distribute the money for maximum benefit.

Our staff are also encouraged to raise money for their chosen local and national charities, through the William Reed Charitable Fund. In acknowledgment of employee fundraising efforts, our match-funding scheme supports their activities by means of a corresponding company donation.

Last year as a company we supported many local projects through the Sussex Community Foundation.


We strive towards environmental sustainability and resource efficiency. We have active programmes to reduce our carbon footprint through recycling and by lowering our consumption of energy, paper, glass and plastic.

As a company we are also signed up and obligated to the government Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

We believe that every one of us can make a difference and help reduce environmental impact in the workplace.