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Storytelling, co-branding and transparency: How is brand marketing evolving - WATCH

In an ever segmented and digitalised world, the way brands and suppliers talk to consumers is changing to become more transparent. In this video diary, experts tell NutraIngredients how co-branding and the use of 'honest storytelling' are becoming the new powers in marketing.


Marketeer's view: Don't get caught up on brand purpose 'cause no-one really cares

Health food and drink startups are repeatedly being told their 'brand purpose' will sell their products but consumers 'really don't care', say marketing experts.


Roquette extends reach to gluten free market with new mannitol grade

Plant-based pharmaceutical ingredients specialist Roquette has launched a wheat-free filling/bulking agent to tap into the gluten free market.


'Little association' between iron and pregnancy likelihood, finds study

Supplementation with iron not generally increase the chances of conception, but may help women who are iron-deficient, say researchers


Phage cascade can shape the gut microbome and its metabolites: Study

Bacteriophages can have a cascade of effects on the microbiome and change metabolite levels, with implications for therapeutic use, new research suggests.


EU Court backs IP Office assertion that supplement trademark is “devoid of distinctive character”

The European Unionâs (EU) General Court has backed the European Union Intellectual Property Officeâs (EUIPO) decision to reject the registration of a trademark supplement arguing that it was âdevoid of distinctive character.â


Heart benefits: Tomato juice bioactives linked to lower CVD risk

The rich profile of bioactive components found in tomato juice is the 'likely' link to its strong link to lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterol, say researchers.


Personalised nutrition model a basis for better blood glucose control, study finds

A personalised nutrition approach that predicts blood sugar levels after meals may prove useful in the design of effective nutritional interventions for patients with metabolic disorders.


Embracing transparency: Prebiotic pioneers team up to prove benefits with gut health tracker

TrooFoods, a prebiotic breakfast brand, has teamed up with Carbiotix, a leader in gut health testing, to offer the first ever gut health tracking service for fibre-based food products.


No link between vitamin D and diabetes prevention, finds major trial

Taking a daily vitamin D supplement does not prevent type 2 diabetes in adults at high risk, according to new findings from a multi-year trial.

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