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WATCH - Is the future of botanicals in functional foods and drinks?

The rise of new encapsulation and delivery technologies, coupled with growing consumer demand to see traditional ingredients 'back in food, not supplements' is driving a rise in the use of botanical ingredients in functional foods, say experts.


EC make novel food specification changes to supplement ingredient and HMO

The European Commission (EC) is to implement regulation that authorises specification changes to the supplement ingredient coriander seed oil and human milk oligosaccharide (HMO) 2â-fucosyllactose (2âFL).


Beyond supplements: How are new encapsulation technologies driving innovation - WATCH

A combination of regulatory hurdles and growing consumer demand for more effective products means companies are looking for new ways to innovate with encapsulation technologies and delivery systems, say experts speaking to NutraIngredients.


DuPont backed study backs multi-strain high-dose formulations

As probiotic strain and dosage choice remain ongoing industry challenges, a study demonstrates the successful blending of different strains at higher doses via a multi-species formulation.


Probiotic supplementation may alleviate chemo-induced diarrhoea, study says

Probiotic supplementation may be a potential remedy to the effects of chemotherapy-induced diarrhoea (CID) in patients with lung cancer, according to researchers.


Avocado seed extract shows anti-inflammatory promise

An extract from the seeds of avocados has been shown to exhibit anti-inflammatory properties in a new study by Penn State researchers.


BMJ ceases breastmilk substitute ads as firms' ties come under increased scrutiny

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) is to stop carrying advertisements that feature breastmilk substitute products, costing the publication an estimated â350â000 (Â300â000; $400â000) in 2020.


Green light for green tea as study links its potency to lower obesity risk

The anti-inflammatory polyphenols found in green tea may be responsible for lowering the risk of obesity, specifically focusing on inflammation that has its origins in the host gut.


Pharmacist strips back antibiotic-driven health care with all-natural Naked Pharmacy

A former chief pharmacist for a global medical giant is on a mission to be at the forefront of a ânew age of natural medicineâ after creating his own business called The Naked Pharmacy.


Biosearch Life project aims to cut mothers' antibiotic use and boost babies' microbiota colonisation

Spanish biotech firm Biosearch Life, has committed to a three-year project to discover how mothers' microbiotas can be modulated during pregnancy and lactation in an aim to cut antibiotic use and boost babies' microbiota colonisation, therefore improving health through to old age.

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