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Generation Next

Will the next Wagamama be found at the local street food market or the new Nando’s operating in Hackney High Street? Generation Next (previously Founders Forum) works to help future entrepreneurs and concepts fulfil their potential in shaping the eating out industry over the next few years and beyond. The series will bring together industry experts and your peers to provide a melting pot of insight, ideas and advice.

MCA Insight and Restaurant magazine will be running several events throughout the year. They will each begin with a set of 3-4 keynote speakers, providing a forum to gain insight from industry peers and experts. Following this, we will take you to two different restaurant concepts to eat, network and see inspirational and new interesting concepts in the market to see what makes them tick.

Key Contacts

Hazel Batchelar Group Events Manager Tel: +44 (0)1293 846551 Email: 

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