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Kemin: New plan lays the groundwork for strategic growth

Kemin looks to new generation feed additives, data assessment and improved production practices as part of its sustainable transformation focus.


'Intangible benefits to be found in new dairy farming technology'

Tracking feed intake, herd nutritional health and milk composition are a few of the areas addressed by new technologies developed for the dairy industry, but wide-spread adoption still faces some hurdles.


USDA picks Kansas City region for relocated offices

Employees with two divisions of the US Department of Agriculture may be facing an impending move from the Washington, DC area to the Kansas City region.


FDA called on to continue efforts to improve antibiotic data reporting

The Pew Charitable Trusts is seeking to push forward federally proposed changes to the reporting of sales data regarding the amount of antibiotics sold for use in livestock feed and production in an effort to support judicious use.


Chromium additive may boost fish growth, feed efficiency

Supplementing farmed golden pompano diets with chromium polynicotinate may support fish survival while improving fish growth and feed efficiency, say researchers.


Victam 2019: Fish feed and pet food innovation stands out

Two days into Victam International 2019 in Cologne, the evident trend on the show floor was the domination of aqua feed and pet food processing innovation, with feed machinery manufacturers citing growth and higher margins in both sectors as the rationale for such a focus.


Financial measures to support deforestation-free sustainable agriculture: RTRS conference highlights and Cargill pledges

The Roundtable on Responsible Soy (RTRS) annual two-day conference took place earlier this week at the headquarters of Rabobank in Utrecht; the focus again was on boosting demand for responsible soy, but also on what financial markets can do in this respect.


Blended feed additive sees microbial revamp

Swine gut health feed additives may also have a role to play in swine manure management, says nutritionist.


Spanish pig sector focusing on gut health

Supporting the development of a healthy gut in pigs does not rely on antibiotic use, but changes in nutrition and management may be needed, says expert.


Ÿnsect facility gets €20 EU funding, Protix opens doors to new production site

The European insect feed production sector is shifting up a gear, and reaching industrial scale.